Why choose us?

Grandrich Corporation Pte.Ltd. realizes that the success of the company depends on customer satisfaction. Therefore we have a strong commitment to provide products and services that keeps our customers satisfied.

To achieve this commitment, Grandrich is continually innovating to improve the quality of our products and services as well as the skills and quality awareness of all our employees.

It is our promise to excel in these 4 main areas:

    1. Quality of the products
    2. On time delivery
    3. Reliability of products and services
    4. Integrity in our business

“We always aim to provide the best environment for our employees to work in”

To promote an ideal workstation which reflects the best place to work value, we are committed to delivering a better physical working environment for our employees.

Grandrich is responsible to make sure that all our products and services can be fully implemented by our customers during installation, warranty and operation. Grandrich also makes sure that all equipment is installed properly in time and has the correct specifications as agreed in the contract.