Supply of equipment (Motorola and non-Motorola Products)

Grandrich supplies all telecommunication products as Motorola is its main distributor and also non-Motorola Products such as Tracking system device by Pointer Telocation, Antennas by Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Cables by Andrew, Duplexer by Fiplex, etc. Grandrich also accepts any kind of telecommunication products requested by its customers to fulfill their need to be implemented in the projects.

Project engineering and management

Grandrich not only supplies telecommunication equipment but also participates in few projects in Indonesia which have been completed in 2010 and on-going project which will be completed in 2011. Grandrich has a few highly trained engineers who responsible for doing the project and installation of the equipment. It means that Grandrich has a very good reputation for carrying out each project effectively and efficiency in order to provide high satisfaction to all customers.

The project management is conducted by its project manager who is actively responsible for planning the budget and schedule, reporting the progress of the projects and controlling the discrepancy occur in the project as well as make any correction in order to keep the effectiveness of the project.

Installation & commissioning

Grandrich always fulfills the best quality in installation, maintenance system, and after-sales service from time to time for its customer. This has become its main target activities to achieve the customers’ satisfaction which has always been improved.


In order to achieve the optimum benefit from the products and services, Grandrich is always there to provide any information about the standard of its products and services which can be well operated and maintained. Grandrich also prepares the manual handbook for its customers to report all relevant information needed for appropriate management system and maintenance.