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Wireless mesh communication networks

Crosscom Solutions’s MNet-32 is designed with multiple functions as a radio, repeater and mesh node with one frequency saving frequency resources.  If function as a radio, it can make and receive calls, as repeater it can create a wireless mesh repeater network and as mesh node to route voice.

Digital Repeater Mesh Network

MNet-32 can create a wireless mesh repeater network up to 32 nodes. The mesh network is self-configuring and dynamic in which MNet-32 nodes are free to move.

Frequency Efficiency

Frequency becomes efficient by applying based on TDMA and FDMA technology, one frequency can be used to make calls and route voice at the same time, greatly saving frequency resources.

Rugged Meet Mil-STD

MNet-32 is strictly compliant with MIL-STD810 C/D/E/F/G standards and water and dust proof rating is up to IP67, ensuring outstanding performance even under harsh environments.

Rapid Deployment

MNet-32 is ideal for rapid deployment in the field where limited coverage area is sufficient. MNet-32 resulted in innovative new technology that continues to advance radio communications capabilities for mission critical like military and law enforcement

Multiple Networking Configuration

MNet-32 supports flexible and reliable networking, such as: chain, tree, star and mixed, so as to provide wider coverage.

SIM Card Embedded

MNet-32 will be embedded with GSM sim card, by interfacing MNet-32 with telephones, we can expand communication network and coverage.